Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Icelandic heritage in Winnipeg

With Gimli's Islendingedagurinn (Icelandic Festival) less than a month away, and myself being a proud Icelandic-Canadian, I thought I would do some research on the historic structures in Winnipeg that have connections to the Icelandic community.  You will notice that many of the buildings are clustered in the neighborhood surrounding Health Sciences Center. 

1. Olafson House, Built 1895, 539 William Avenue. A beautiful example of Queen Anne architecture. Unique corner turret.

2. Bardal Block (Bardal Funeral Home) Built in 1906. 843 Sherbrook Street

3. Heimskringla Building Built 1904 .  Icelandic language newspaper

4. Baldwin Baldwinson House Built 1907 727 Sherbrook, next door to Heimskringla Building. He was editor of the newspaper

5. Sterling Bank built 1911. Current home of Logberg-Heimskringla paper.

6. Hekla Apartments built 1911.  260 Toronto

7. Petursson House, built 1914, 616 Alverstone.  Queen Anne style home

8. Scandinavian Mission Church built 1897 corner of Logan and Ellen.

9. Scandinavian Cultural Center 764 Erin Street

Monday, July 4, 2011

addition to my post on Selkirk ave

I recently purchased a 1955 Winnipeg CityGuide, i found some interesting notes to add.

788 Selkirk was known as the Ogarenko Block
640 Selkirk Kepman Apartments
408 Harrison Block (long demolished)
396 Gronbach Block
390 Grosney Bldg
376 (|Alekno Block) was known in 1955 as the \Mitchell Block. Perhaps Mitchell's Meat Market?
379 Skraba Apts (demolished)

267 Harris Block was demolished 2 weeks ago

at 208 Selkirk and 962 Main was the site of Fairbairn Hall