Friday, March 11, 2011

Back lanes in Winnipeg's old neighborhoods, especially the Exchange District, really paint a true picture of Winnipeg's past. Looking past the ornate stone facades on the streetfront, some of which have been unattractively altered over time, you will see many telltale signs of over a century of existence.  Worn - not deteriorated but softened with age - brickwork shows many battle scars, from carts, trains, and trucks scraping past them; soot deposits from many years of coal burning; and initials and dates scratched into them. Signage, some being historic advertisements, some being modern graffiti, are common. Fire escapes look abandoned, even rusted. One of the best features is the covered alleyways, such as under the Gault (Artspace) Building.  Here are a few pictures from the Exchange, from the back lanes.

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