Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lost treasures

 I was thinking the other day, and i realized it has been nearly ten years since i moved to Winnipeg (December 2001). That got me to thinking, how many historic structures we have lost since then.

  1. Eaton's Store  (MTS Centre)
  2. Epic/Regent Theater (WRHA)
  3. Ogilvie Mills (Fire)
  4. Starland Theater (WRHA)
  5. Smart Bag Company Building (1880s section)  (Sport MB expansion)
  6. Regal Furniture Company Building (Minhas Creek expansion)
  7. Winnipeg Roller Skating Rink (University of Winnipeg)
  8. Amy Street Steam Plant  (demolished)
  9. Union Stockyards Building (demolished - neglect)
  10. Somerset School (Shopper's Drug Mart)
  11. Provencher Bridge (replaced)
  12. Club/Jack's Hotel (WRHA)
  13. Electric Railway Chambers Annex (garden for Canwest Building)
  14. Weston Bakery (HSC)
  15. Trick Block (gravel parking lot for Dr. Dang's Medical Clinic)
  16. Main Meats (WHRA)
  17. Salisbury School #2
  18. Anna Gibson School (MBC School expansion)
  19. Florence Nightingale School (housing development)
  20. Phoenix Block (vacant lot, neglect)
  21. Maison Lambert (now vacant lot)
  22. Maison Joseph Royal (Place Joseph Royal condos)
  23. Villiers Duplex from 1881 (demolished)
  24. Brooklands "red" School (deemed outdated)
  25. Transcona Meats  (fire)
  26. Nairn Commercial Block (Props Snowboarding) (fire)
  27. Able Wholesale (fire)
  28. Dennistoun House

  • Robert/Coronation/Shanghai Building
  • Louise Bridge?
  • Ellice @ Wall Marina-style Safeway?

On the other hand, some historic structures have been saved:

  1. Barber house (fire - currently rebuilding)
  2. Ryan Block (rebuilt facade)
  3. 6 Historic buildings comprising the RRC Princess street campus
  4. All People's Mission Sutherland
  5. Church of Christ Scientist
  6. 256 Bushnell (fire)
  7. Albert Street Business Block
  8. Clarendon Hotel (MTS Centre Exhibition Hall)

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